SIM Card Starter Kits

Shop the best no contract SIM cards and the most affordable 5G / 4G LTE with trusted nationwide dependable service you can always count on.


Join SpeeTalk Mobile for affordable plans from $5 a month!

  • THIS KIT INCLUDES a universal SIM card (Mini-Micro-Nano size) used to activate 2G 3G 4G 5G LTE or VOLTE GSM devices
  • COVERATE: 4G LTE/5G coast-to-coast wireless coverage
  • Most devices work with SpeedTalk Mobile
  • Keep your number or get a new one a premium network in the US
  • Reach a real person for support ANY time of the day all year around
  • No contract. No credit check.

Triple-Cut 3 in 1 SIM Card

Our SIM cards are Triple-Cut to fit a variety of devices. Each card can be adjusted from Standard, Micro, and Nano SIM card sizes.

Smartwatch Device Compatibility

SpeeTalk Mobile smart wath SIM cards and service plans are compatnle with any unlocked 5G/4G LTE GSM smart watch such a kids GPS tracker watch, phone watch for kids, adult smatwatches, and senior SOS wristbands. Her are the other compatbile device that work with SpeedTalk Mobile SIM card plans:

  • Smartwatches
  • Android Smartwatches
  • GSM Smartwatches
  • Smartwatch with GPS tracker for kids
  • Smartwatch for Senior
  • Smartwatch for Special Needs
  • SOS Smart Wristband
  • Any Unlocked GSM Smartwatch

Smartphone Device Compatiblity

SpeedTalk SIM cards and service plans are compatible with any unlocked 5G/4G LTE GSM smart phones such as, but not limited to:

  • Apple iPhone Series
  • Samsung Galaxy Series
  • Android & iOS Cell Phones
  • T-Mobile Phones, Unlocked AT&T and Verizon Phones (GSM Compatible)
  • Unlocked GSM Smartphones: Huaweis, ZTE, Nokia, Alcatel, TCL, RCA, LG, HTC
  • Unlocked GSM Cellphones: Google Pixel, Nexus, Motorola, One Plus
  • Flip Phones
  • Rugged Mobile Phones
  • Any Universal GSM Cellular Phones
  • Any LTE or VOLTE Devices

GPS TRacked Device Compatiblity

SpeedtTalk Mobile GPS Tracked SIM cards and service plans are compatible with any unlocked 5G/4G LTE GSM GPS tracking device such as, but no limited to:

  • GSM compatible GPS GPRS Trackers
  • Car, Motorcycle and Bike Trackers
  • Seniors, Kids, Adults and Personal GPS Trackers
  • Speecial Needs GPS Trackers
  • Pet, Dog and Cat Trackers
  • Fleet Trackers
  • Magnetic GPS Tracker for Vehicles and Trailers
  • Personal Asset Trackers
  • Small Portable GPS Tracking Devices
  • Lone Worker Trackers
  • Any Unlocked Cellular enabled GPS Trackers

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Once your sim card arrives you can activate a new number or transfer your existing one!
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Install Your SIM

After you activate your service, follow our instructions here. Just a few simple steps are all it takes!
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