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GSM SIM Cards for Wearable Devices.


Today's smartwatches require a cellular signal to enable features such as calling, texts, and tracking capabilities, just like a smartphone does. This means that if you own a smartwatch you may also need a wireless plan to go along with it.

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SpeedTalk Mobile is one of the leading providers of cellular technology. As part of the nations fastest, most relaiable network, we provide a variety of flexible wireless plans and are compatible with nearly all 4G LTE GSM smart watches on the market.

What should you do AFTER you receive your SIM card?

Activate SIM
Once you receive your SIM card in the mail, go online to activate it witha NEW PHONE#.
Insert SIM
Insert your activated SIM card into your Device and turn ON your device.
Nano SIM card with an arrow pointing to outline of a smartwatch
Setup APN
Setup your device with our APN instructions and check your device manual for guidelines.
All Set!
Download our Mobile App and ENJOY using our services on your Device.

Smartwatch Instructions:

*Please Note: “Arrow” indicators on devices shows connection to the cellular tower and doesn’t mean there is an internet connection.
1) After turning on the device there is a test period before it can connect to internet. Be patient and wait approximately 20 minutes.

2) When updating the APN setting of your device, it may take up to 2 hours for the device to apply the new internet and APN settings of the SIM card.

3) If your device doesn’t work or if it is offline, check to see if your device is registered correctly on the app (for example in the US you might register your device to use the North America setting).

How to set up your device’s APN to work with SpeedTalk Mobile services: *Please Note: SpeedTalk SIM cards have 2 different APNs: "wholesale” or "mobilenet." Each SIM card will only support one APN. The APN will be printed on your SIM card or can be obtained from your account online.*You many need to consult your device's manual/documentation to configure your device’s APN settings.

1) To set up your device’s APN, please follow these steps in order:
a. Remove the SIM card. b. Turn off the device. c. Keep the device turned off and then insert your activated SpeedTalk Mobile sim card. d. Turn the device back on. e. Wait for approximately 3 minutes. f. For smartwatch, use your personal cell phone to send a text message to your watch phone# (SpeedTalk#) with the following (make sure to send the message directly from your personal cellular phone not from your watch app):
If the APN is wholesale, send: pw,123456,apn,wholesale,,,310260#
If the APN is mobilenet, send:pw,123456,apn,mobilnet,,,310260#

2) Wait for 10-20 minutes and then repeat instructions A-E above.

3) For smartwatch, open your app and set your watch phone number and ADMIN number. If you are able to set these numbers, your device already works!

4) If your device will not connect to internet, please check your device IP, APN, and GPRS.

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