Smartwatches work like smartphones. They have the ability to send and receive text, Make and receive phone calls, and tracking capabilities. Therefore, it requires a cellular signal to enable these features, meaning that if you own a smartwatch you will need a wireless plan. SpeedTalk is one of the leading providers of cellular technology. We pro- vide a variety of flexible wireless plans to meet your needs. No contracts, No credit check.SpeedTalk is nearly compatible with all 2G, 3G & 4G LTE GSM Smartwatches.

Why you should use our SIM cards for your Smart devices (SmartWatch)? Most manufacturers have our SIM card’s APN and internet settings programmed in their devices, making it very simple to connect your device to the internet.



Our SIM cards are Triple-Cut to fit a variety of devices. Each card can be adjusted from Standard, Micro, and Nano SIM card sizes.


SpeedTalk offers low cost plans to meet your needs. With our plans, you can customize voice, data, and SMS to use with your smartwatch. No contracts, no hidden fees, no surprises.

Will my Smartwatch need a SIM card? Standalone smartwatches work independently and require a GSM SIM card for cellular connection. A smartwatch is a convenient device on your wrist that work like smartphones. Often standalone or paired with a smartphone.
A GSM SIM card enable smartwatches and wearable to run apps (supporting both Android and iOS), receive notification, send and receive text, make and receive phone calls, and tracking capabilities for kids/pet/car GPS trackers.

Most trending and popular wearable category is kids smartwatch, as this will allow the parent to have the peace of mind on their kids whereabouts and can locate them easily, other categories of of wearable in the market are the wearable GPS shoes tracker for kids, GPS shoe tracker for adults, GPS tracker jewelry, smart clothing, pet trackers.

SpeedTalk Mobile SIM card is a triple Cut SIM (fits any device – standard, micro, nano). Easy plug and use with all unlocked GSM smartwatches.

OEM’s, Manufacturers, Enterprise, Corporate and Affiliate Accounts are available - online account management portal and API’s to manage multiple SIM cards within single account and one main airtime balance.

Smartwatch and Tracker Instructions:

Note that “arrows” indicator on devices shows connection to the cellular tower and doesn’t mean there is an internet connection.

1) After turning on the device there is a test period before it can connect to internet. Be patient and wait approximately 20 minutes.
2) When updating the APN setting of your device, it may take up to 2 hours for the device to apply the new internet and APN settings of the SIM card
3) If your device (watch) doesn’t work/ device offline, check to see if your device is registered correctly on the app . (For example In US you might register your device to use the North America setting)

How to set up your device’s APN to work with SpeedTalk services.
1) Speedtalk sim cards have 2 different APNs: "wholesale" ,or "mobilenet" but each SIM card only support 1 APN. The APN is printed on the SIM card
2) (follow the steps in the correct order)

a) Remove the SIM card,
b) Turn the watch off,
c) Keep watch turned off then insert sim card,
d) Turn the watch on,
e) Wait for 3 minutes,
f) use your cell phone to send a text message to your watch, send the message directly from your cellular phone not from your watch app

3) If the APN is wholesale,
example: pw,123456,apn, wholesale,,,310260#
4) If the apn is mobilenet,
Example: pw,123456,apn, mobilenet,,,310260#
5) Wait for 20 minutes, take out sim card, Turn off your watch, keep watch off, Insert sim card for the last time, Turn your device back on, wait for 3 minutes, open app, set SOS number, if you can set SOS number, watch already work
6) If your device wont connect to internet check your device IP, APN, and GPRS


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Theron Anderson

I use SpeedTalk for my kids’ smart watches. I tried a few companies and SpeedTalk was the easiest AND the best price.
Theron Anderson

Robert Torres

Fast and easy to set up. I have but a smart watch on Amazon and couldn't find or SIM card that would fit it and no major companies would Sale me a SIM card with their service and went to Speak talk mobile and now my watch is working perfectly
Robert Torres